Afurada Living Lab visits the Norwegian city of Trondheim to learn about innovative sustainable solutions

Representatives of the Afurada Living Lab (ALL) consortium had the privilege of meeting with partners from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, for a Learning Exchange Visit. The Portuguese delegation met and explored some of the innovative solutions already implemented in this Norwegian city, which is committed to building a more sustainable future.

Trondheim is one of the Lighthouse Cities in the CityxChange project, an initiative funded by the European Commission to turn cities into examples of energy sustainability through co-creation methodologies. Getting to know this reality thus proved to be an inspiring experience, allowing us to explore solutions with the potential to be applied to the reality of Afurada.

For three days, representatives from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Afurada Living Lab shared experiences on how to better utilise locally produced energy, highlighting the challenges faced in the search for a more sustainable future.

Highlights of the visit included exploring the Brattørkaia Powerhouse, the largest energy-positive building in Norway; and the ZEB Laboratory, a veritable “playground” for experimenting and innovating in the creation of zero-emission buildings.

On the subject of mobility, the municipality of Trondheim presented its innovative model of electric mobility as a service. The proposal is for electric cars to work like powerbanks, available to everyone. The idea led to discussions about partnerships to experiment with transition solutions for more sustainable mobility.

ALL also learnt about the CrAFt (Creating Actionable Futures) project, part of the European Union’s New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative. The project aims to support cities in the transition to climate neutrality, and has set the tone for exploring future synergies.

In March, it will be the turn of the Norwegian partners to visit Afurada, get to know the vibrant Afuradense community and the solutions developed to promote a more sustainable future in this territory. Although separated by almost 4,000 kilometres, Afurada and Trondheim are thus building together a greener and more promising path for their communities.

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