Afurada School Community learns how to upcycle plastic

The Afurada Living Lab (ALL) project promoted an upcycling activity this month, with approximately 40 children, from the 3rd and 4th year of schooling at Escola Básica EB1/JI Afurada de Cima.

Afurada Upcycle is an ALL project initiative, focused on collecting plastic waste and transforming it into new products, through the use of upcycling machines.

As part of this initiative, Escola Oficina da Gaiurb and VivaLab Porto organized an activity on February 9th with the Afurada school community. The children learned about the life cycle of plastic, the circular economy, and the importance of upcycling waste, such as plastic, to protect the environment.

This was a very fun, creative, and educational experience, above all. The children gave new functionality to plastic bags, carried by them, transforming them into bookmarks. To do this, use a simple iron and some parchment paper.

Since the activity was carried out on the day of Carnival celebrations in Vila Nova de Gaia schools, there was no lack of creativity, and many of the participants took inspiration from their costumes to decorate the bookmarks. This activity, designed in a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) style, left participants with countless ideas to replicate at home, with their families, multiplying the impact of the learning acquired.

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